Thursday, December 17, 2009

More than just product placement

Sunny Anderson isn't the first to do this type of advertisement and
the Food Channel isn't the first network to set something up like this
either. Sunny Anderson is shown cooking something and then will
conveniently use Viva paper towels and then say something about them.
Shouldn't there at least be an ADVERTISEMENT disclaimer at the bottom
like on the Halo ad? Will people be fooled by this l the way until the
end? Paula Deen and Bobby Flay have ads like this too but I think
Sunny's is the most deceiving.

Food Network Spoof Commercial

This Ad is hilarious!! It's been running for about a year or so but I
still laugh everytime I see it. I think it reminds me of my something
my mom or sister would do on accident at a party.

Gecko ichats with the Frog

Has anyone seen the new Geico commercial where the Gecko is video
chatting with the frog from Disney's new movie The Princess and the
Frog? It is really strange and caught me off guard the first time I
saw it. Were they just trying to save money by splitting costs or is
there something else going on here?

Whole Foods parking wars

So I was at Whole Foods a few days ago and I was looking for a parking
spot. Right when I thought I had found a perfect one near the front, I
pulled in and read a sign that said "For hybrid or Eco Friendly
vehicles only". I laughed and then switched spots because my massive
suv certainly isn't Eco friendly. But this reminded me of the Liberty
Mutual ad from Hill Holiday about replacing a totalled new car with a
new car. In bot cases I feel like you piss off more people than you
please. Thoughts?

Target ruining Santa?

The first time I saw the new Ads for Taret this season I was really
confused. Is it socially responsible for them to be talking about
Santa they way that they do? If they spoil Santa there are going to be
some very unhappy parents with some clever kids crying their eyes out.
Is it obvious what they're saying about him or or is just me?

Avatar - Changing Hollywood and Advertisements?

Avatar comes out on December 18th and will change the way actors
perform in movies forever. It's going to be awesome and I can't wait
to see it. After watching how they made it though, it made me wonder
how long it will fake to see this live performance capture being used
for commercials too. Once the technology catches up price wise to
where Cameron brought it, it should be more cost effective than
shooting a regular commercial. What can we expect from commercials in
the future? Maybe after I see what they have done in the movie it will
be easier to see the possibilities for advertisements

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



TAXI – Calgary, Canada
Park n Stor

Here’s a pretty decent ad from Taxi. Basically looks like a basement with everything painted white, with cardboard lettering that says “We’re your basement’s basement”. It’s a quick easy statement and makes sense. It seems like its halfway there to fully personifying the basement so I just feel like it’s missing something.


Droga 5 – USA
Puma – “Lite Surfer”

I looked at this ad for about 5 minutes and couldn’t figure out what was going on in it. For those of you who can’t either, I believe he is naked and just has light being projected on to him in the form of clothes and a surrounding room. It took me a second, but it was worth it, I like the challenge when it pays off with seeing a creative idea make you think.

Ground Zero

Ground Zero – USA
Becks Beer – “Life is what you choose”

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Basically we’ve got the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. What is funny however is that they are advertising beer which makes the decision between the two shoulders a little harder. I’m not really sure I get all the negative space either. I think I would have done a real underpass and then next to your friend’s foot who is already doing graffiti maybe a cell phone and a can of spray paint. Or maybe just two cans of spray paint but just different colors!


22squared – USA
Buffalo Wild Wings – “Margarita Mayhem. Five Flavors. Frozen or on-the-rocks. Be warned, they bite.”

Great print ad from 22squared. I like how it’s not just the pretty frosted glass and the salt and lime wedge. They gave the drink some personality and it looks funny too. It makes me wonder if the limes in my margaritas have ever floated down and made an alien face without me knowing it. Pretty creative for just a margarita, and I like the copy a lot too.


Modernista – USA
World AIDS Day (Red) – Holiday Campaign

The (Red) campaign has been a multi-year success and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest. I’ve seen some great products come out of it and a lot of cool store displays in places like Starbucks and the Gap. I think this commercial is effective because it uses just the color red and a few times we see the familiar parentheses signs. Sometimes you don’t need photos or anything, you just need a color and a symbol.

David & Goliath

David & Goliath
Mammoth Mountain – “Birds of Mammoth” – play big
While I’m not a big advocator of doing things in a nostalgic design just for the heck of it, I do like how they reinvented an old bird watching book and used it to advertise skiers of Mammoth mountain. The difficulty and colors of the drawings is identical to the nature and bird books they are imitating. It’s also a good ad to spend some time with and actually read a little about each person.


Wongdoody – LA
CW Gossip Girl – “Very Bad for you”

I had no idea these ads came from wongdoody! I applaud them for getting the CW’s approval on them. I’m not sure if I were an exec at the CW if I would have been so brave. I remember the ads got a lot of attention from the media. But I think it was exactly what the CW was looking for. They know the show pushes the limits and they want everyone to else to know it too. Just with the airtime associated with these ads alone it could be deemed a very successful campaign.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Social Responsibility and Lack of in Advertising

BBDO New York - Sony Cyber shot - Your dad is not a horse's behind

Whoa there DAD!! Ok before I get all serious, this commercial IS
really funny. BUT it's not socially responsible whatsoever and caused
quite an uproar because of it. Just because some dads may be like this
does not mean you need to perpetuate it and tip toe over the line into
molding society. It's a shame there's just no other way to sell a
camera than to talk badly about Dads all over the world.

Ad Council PSA - Fathers

More than 79% of Americans feel "the most significant family or social problem facing America is the physical absence of the father from the home."

First you have to giggle a little bit to see this guy getting so into
it and sassy. But the AdCouncil is trying to make a point. Fatherless
homes or homes with absent fathers are a problem. Check your pride at
the door and do what's best for your kids whether you like it or not.
But hey, you don't have to hate it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Dentsu – Marcom (India)
Honda City – “The Race”

I wish that I could say this wasn’t like all the typical manufacturer car ads out there but in many ways it is. It has beautiful landscapes with winding roads, puddle splashes, and great music. All of these elements make it a good commercial, but it doesn’t make it anything remarkable. And when I say remarkable I’m not saying it needs to be groundbreaking, I’m just saying its not worth making any sort of remark about. I enjoyed it though, and it showed off the exterior of the car nicely, I also think the color they chose for the car was excellent.

Wieden + Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy – Portland
Nike – Pro Combat TV ad

When I hear the name Wieden + Kennedy, I expect good things. Nothing too sarcastic, never boring, just something classic and intriguing. This ad delivers. Although I’m not a huge football fan, I found this ad really entertaining. The shutter speed, exposure, and lighting were all incredible. The breath coming out of everyone’s mouth into the cold air was a great way to set the scene too. And the end was totally unexpected. Some sports commercials are starting to run dry with newness but I think this one was pretty unique.

Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty

Axe Body Spray – “Part good, part bad”

I would love to show this ad to the TAI grad students and hear them dissect it. Once again, axe pushes the limits of stereotypes and continues to disregard society in favor of a few laughs and some timid teens clearing out the shelves. Stereotypes must be somewhat true or they wouldn’t exist, but it doesn’t mean that they should be used to sell or should be perpetuated without disclaimer. I may be a prude, but I am not in favor of most axe ads and do not approve of their tactics.

Richards Group

Richard’s Group – Dallas
Fruit of the Loom – Cirque

I find the new Fruit of the Loom ads really pleasant, they kind of remind me somehow of the commercials because of the appearance of the guys and the way they parade about in a sarcastic sort of way. This one is a tad different though because its trying to emulate the popular circus style shows from Cirque du Soleil and others. I think The Richards Group has brought Fruit of the Loom up a few notches in my head and I’m sure more people are considering purchasing them now if not for any other reason but brand awareness.


Doner – USA
The UPS Store – “A Happy Holiday”
Wow! Very Impressed by this ad I found from Doner for The UPS Store. It’s cool because it’s in a sepia tone which fits nicely with UPS’s signature brown color. Also it has a whimsy reminiscent of old Christmas movies and it combines an animated pop-up book that has a Tim Burton feeling to it, but not so much that its creepy. It’s nice and festive. Reminds me a little of the work Wieden + Kennedy did for coke of the inside of the coke machine making a coke for you.


Cramer-Krasselt Hampel Stefanides – NYC
Yellowtail Wine – Godzilla

It’s a funny commercial and the ending and product are unexpected but I’m not a fan of the way Yellowtail chooses to advertise. I guess they know what niche they want to fill, but to me they are a wine that will never be taken seriously – probably ever again. Wine can be fun and not always serious, but it shouldn’t be stupid and that’s what I feel like this commercial is.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ads as Art

D&G - In House

In my opinion some of the most artistic advertisement are the ones
done for the major fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbana. The ad
has excellent composition and looks like a contemporary yet classic
family photo or something. The clothes are all shown very clearly and
it's not too racy or suggestive either. It is still selling a
lifestyle and a product but I think the lifestyle here is a little
deeper in meaning than most other products that advertise this way.
D&G has ads like this with about the same number of people in them
about 4 times a year with each new collection. I also thought it was
interesting that they are all done in house. While it doesn't surprise
me because it seems obvious that the designer would want not only a
hand in the production of the clothes but also in the way they are
advertised as well.

Fallon - BMW - The Hire series - Powder Keg

I received a DVD in the mail in about 9th grade from BMW with all the
short films in the series called The Hire. Each one is spectacular and
unique because they were all done by seperate directors. They each
have their own mood, plot, and car. The Powder Keg is one of my
favorites because of the story and the way that it slowly develops. It
has a lot more depth than the other films. I consider it art because
it's beautiful to me and evokes emotions. Take a look and see what you
think. Watch hostage or star to compare.

TBWA/Chiat Day - Apple - iPod - Mary J. Blige

These ads for the Apple iPod have truly broken the mold. The iPod is
never shown in detail, and the product features are never discussed.
Each of these ads is just good music and dancing with a silhouetted
figure. In this specific ad we see a little more than just a
silhouetted Mary J. Blige. We also see shades if gold on her body. All
of these commercials are really fun and make you want to dance and get
the point across while providing simple entertainment.

VitroRobertson - Audi - R8 - Racetrack

This is one of my favorite ads of all times. For some reason I always
think of the cinematic elements in Titanic when I see this commercial.
It's the attention to detail that can really pleasantly surprise you
when you watch this. They move so seamlessly from period to period an
the excitement grows and grows. It seems like the R8 has been planned
forever and its release just makes sense.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Crispin Porter + Bogusky - Boulder
Burger King – “Whopper Virgins”

I thought the idea of finding Whopper “virgins” was awesome. I think it would be smart for Pepsi to do the same thing. The Pepsi challenge that BBDO created is somewhat similar to this because they took away the label and asked people to tell them which soda tasted better. But CPB goes a step further and finds people who have no knowledge of either brand even when they are indentified. I prefer Burger King to McDonalds, especially their burgers and I’m not surprised these virgins did too. I think if a lot of people closed their eyes to brands a lot of people would open them back up with a new favorite product.


Audi – R8 “The Hostage”

It seems these days that the cooler the car the more guns there are surrounding it. When you watch this commercial you forget your watching a commercial. It feels like you walked into the middle of an action movie, and right when the climax dissolves you realize it’s advertising the R8. One thing I thought was a little different was the clips of the car at the end, kind of a spooky snippet of shots.

Cliff Freeman & Partners

Cliff Freeman & Partners
Baskin Robbins – “Do the Ice Cream and Cake”

This is definitely one of my favorite commercials, and also one of the catchiest out there right now. I liked this the first time I saw it. Its cheap and kind of stupid, but its fun and I guess that’s really all that matters. Sadly, we won’t be seeing any sequels of this one as Cliff Freeman has closed its doors. Oh yeah and the way the figures move on this commercial kind of reminds me of Gumby… anyone else?

Kirshenbaum Bond

Kirshenbaum Bond
Avon – Christian Lacroix perfume

I would prefer not to comment on this ad. Not because its not good work but what is perfume and cologne advertising anyway. Many things are advertised as lifestyles but perfumes and colognes are strictly that only. The end.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Arnold Worldwide

Arnold - Boston
Truth Campaign – Spot 8

The first time I saw this ad I was enraged. I couldn’t believe how ineffective it was, and I AM the target market. I don’t smoke, but I’m in the age range they are targeting for sure. This is so dumb. The cartoon animations and silly lyrics and dancing around is a contrived way to be different. What was ever wrong with showing a black lung or body bag? They started out strong but then faded into this crap in my opinion. I think it’s a big waste of money. Maybe some scare tactics aren’t considered appropriate in the US, but I say screw whatever appropriateness you like if it’s saving lives.


Euro RSCG – Buenos Aires
Nugget Shoe Polish – Alien Invaders

This ad was refreshing. Evoked elements of Hitchcock and Rosemary’s baby. It was silly and a tad serious at the same time. The way they kept re-using the same explosion clip got a tiny laugh out of me at least. But at the end, I feel like there was a lack of clarity. If they had shown the light actually bounce off the top of his shoe I think it would have brought it all together a little better.


Sherwin Williams – “Ask Sherwin Williams” – Durham

I think these print ads for Sherwin Williams are perfect because they look like they came straight from a consumer focus group. When people want to change something about their house, its usually the paint color because it’s the easiest to do and often the cheapest. But with this comes a lot of questions. Sherwin Williams wants you to know that they are willing and able to answer any question you might have. It’s empowering and comforting knowing you can walk in the store knowing nothing and not feel intimidated by that. I think it’s great that they capitalized on one of their existing strengths.

Thursday, October 8, 2009



Publicis – Mojo New Zealand
Green Peace – “Breathe”

In this ad done for Green Peace created by Publicis, all you hear is a quiet breathing in and breathing out. Our world changes with each breath. The message at the end is simple. I think more could have been said, but at least they had your attention because of the lack of sound at the beginning.

Saatchi & Saatchi

Saatchi & Saatchi – LA
Surfrider Foundation – “catch of the day”

Saatchi & Saatchi put packages like this in a booth at farmer’s market to shock people with an environmental message in an unexpected place. They created these packages with materials collected from an actual beach cleanup campaign on Redondo Beach. Then the packages were photographed and turned into a print ad and they ran in publications including Fader, Fast Company, and Wired. Very nice to see local pro-bono work done for such a small organization from such a big company like S&S LA.

Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett – France
Tampax – Shark bait
This is a really great ad for such a mundane product. Feminine hygiene products are surprisingly very heavily advertised. Most are pretty clear about what they’re used for and why you should by them, most of the time by verbal explanations. This print ad done by Leo Burnett gets multiple messages across with just one photo. Literally all that’s here is a photo and brand. Very clever and again, challenging.


Fallon – Minneapolis
Equinox – “Happily ever after”

Equinox is known for being a sexy, trendy, edgy, hip, and young fitness club. These ads reinforce and attract. Whether you have a good body or you want to, these ads will probably grab your attention and point you towards the nearest equinox. It’s no secret that sex sells, so if you happen to own a business that actually deals with the business of looking sexy, I guess you should capitalize on it, right? And then there’s social responsibility…

Kaplan Thaler Group

Kaplan Thaler Group
Dawn – “Dawn Saves Wildlife”

The photography is stunning and crisp, and the coupon look is cool too. Everyone uses dish washing detergent, and most everyone likes to help out the environment. But let’s cut to the chase. The first thing I noticed after seeing the commercials and the print ads is that Dawn is limiting the donation to $500,000. Why? I’m glad they’re at least up front about it, but I’m not sure I understand their reasoning behind it, even from a business point of view. Are they just greedy? Would they begin to loose money if they gave more than $500,000? I can’t see how.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Carmichael Lynch

Carmichael Lynch
Harley Davidson – gas prices

The copy is missing from this ad, but it reads: “America, please don’t buy a Harley because it gets 50mpg. History has shaped this tank, not the whims of foreign oil… Let’s chase sunsets whether gas is 6 bucks or 6 red cents…”. I hate Harleys, I hate the noise, hate the look, not too fond of any part actually. The Ads are great though, and the copy here really speaks to the riders I think. It’s never been about the gas mileage, and it never will be. Harleys are rarely for getting from point A to point B. They are about enjoying the road and enjoying the feel of riding a motorcycle. Carmichael Lynch has had Harley long enough that they know what they are doing and this is certainly a step in the same direction.

Hill Holliday

Hill Holiday – Boston
Liberty Mutual – New Car in Trunk

This Ad for Liberty Mutual is currently being aired. It’s a little somber and sad at first which is an appropriate mood after a car accident. Then near the end, it shows the man pulling out a brand new car out of his trunk instead of just a spare tire. Hill Holiday is doing this to illustrate how they will replace a new car with a new car. The amount of fine print and exceptions involved with this policy has got to be mind boggling. It seems that although this is a great policy to have, most people will be angry when they get in an accident and find out that they actually aren’t eligible for a new car. This could cause more people to leave Liberty Mutual instead of attracting people to it.


Deutsch – USA
IKEA – Brooklyn store opening

IKEA is a really cool company and I think their store and products are great. This ad is pretty simple and straight forward. It’s not thought provoking or even beautiful. It just kind of makes you say to yourself “hmm, I’ll have to keep that in mind”. This is probably exactly what they’re hoping New Yorkers will do. Making things out of other things isn’t new, but its not old either. I don’t hate it!


Mullen – Wenham, MA
Columbia – Are you?

This is what I would consider a good example of a mainstream print ad. It’s just something I would flip right by. I think the only reason I would read ANY of the copy on this ad is if I were currently in the market for an outdoor backpack.

Campbell Mithun

Campbell Mithun – Minneapolis
American Express – “My People” Ellen and Beyonce

Ellen is hysterical and she doesn’t disappoint in any of her ads for American Express. This one pokes fun at the phrase “my people”. Well it turns out, H&R Block’s people weren’t too happy with the commercial because they think that they were the only one’s that could use the phrase “my people”. In August of 2008, H&R Block filed a claim against American Express trying to halt the campaign and seek compensatory relief.


I couldn’t find the image I was looking for but I know of an R/GA outdoor ad that they did for NikeID a few years back. They had a billboard with a giant Nike shoe on it, and to illustrate the customization available on the NikeID website, you could text a color to a certain number and it would change the color of the shoes on the billboard. I know there are WAY more people in NYC, but why do we not get anything fun like this in Dallas?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


McCann Erickson

McCann Erickson
Saab – “Turbine”

I’m not sure why Saab insists on trying to sell it’s automobiles by telling people they used to make jet engines, BMW used to too. What are you doing now is the real question. The BMW emblem is a constant reminder that BMW used to make jet engines, but they have moved on while remembering their heritage. But for Saab, they just won’t stop talking about it. All of that aside, the ad is absolutely beautiful. The scale of the jet and the car next to each other is awesome and the colors look great. It looks classic and expensive and the font is nice too. It looks destined for a Robb Report magazine or maybe TIME. I would certainly stop on the page and take a look, but I’m not sure if saying that Saabs are “Born from Jets” is enough to make me take a trip to the dealership.

The Martin Agency

The Martin Agency – Richmond
Mercedes – E Class in Igloo

I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this Mercedes ad from 1997. It’s cool to look at old car ads because although the technology might be older and the cars look dated, they are still basically trying to say the same things. In this ad you see an E class in a “garage” next to an Igloo. The copy at the bottom reads “The E-class with traction control”. What the implied meaning is “The E-class with traction control is at home even in the most challenging of conditions.” It’s so simple and thought provoking, reminds me of DDB’s Lemon ad for the VW Beetle -- Light copy, deeper meaning. This ad also was featured in the One Show Volume 19 and was a print finalist.

TM Advertising

TM Advertising – Dallas, TX (Irving)
Nationwide Insurance – “Coops Wallscape”

Outdoor, non-traditional ads are by far my favorite ads to look at. The advertising industry has broken the mold and has become very fluid and will only continue to do so even more. It takes advantage of public space and uses it in a way that is most often pleasing and very challenging to the viewer. This one done for Nationwide is just that. “Life comes at you fast” is one of Nationwide’s current slogans and is a nice way of explaining the purpose of insurance. In this photo you can see that they took the ad a lot further than just a banner on a building, or even 3 buildings. TM has taken the green paint all the way to the pavement and even painted 2 cars and a parking booth. It’s safe to say that everyone in the neighborhood stopped by this building after they heard about it, and I’m sure the local and maybe national media covered it too.


T.A.G. – San Fran
Halo 3 – Official TV Ad

INTENSE! Wow this ad for Halo 3 is so intense and cinematic that they even had to put an “ADVERTISEMENT” disclaimer at the bottom in multiple parts! Halo and Xbox fans are pretty die hard and so this commercial coming out is pretty much equivalent to a new Twilight trailer coming out these days. If I were TAG I would be scared to death. The Ad doesn’t really show any game play, but it’s the 3rd Halo to come out so people know they can only expect bigger and better things. I think its excellent and money well spent. I think although the entire thing could have looked pretty realistic in CGI, having real footage reminds you that you are playing an intense action game that mimics human fighting. It really pumps you up and makes you want to play.

Draft FCB

Draft FCB – France
Ripolin paint – “Your walls deserve a paint which will age well”

Ok, so it’s a little grotesque, but why not? Its an amazing way to explain that paint ages too and you should choose a paint that can stand the tests of time. People take care of themselves extremely well so I think this is a great way to show people to care for their walls too. The variations in color and the lifelike textures are great and FORCE you to read the copy to find out just what the heck is going on. Reminds me of Y&R’s print ad for the deep moisturizing lotion where the people’s hands are sticking into their skin. It’s a little strange to look at, but it gets the point across and grabs your attention without being foul or distasteful.


Lowe – Publicidad Comercial Lowe & Partners – San Pedro Sula, Honduras
RCA – Sound for Real

I can’t remember who the ad was for that this reminds me of! It’s the one with the bloody Q-tip and then has the brand of speakers below it. RCA isn’t exactly saying they’re going to blow your eardrums, they are saying that the sound is going to be like its coming from right inside your ear.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather – Paris
Perrier – Melting

In this ad for Perrier, everything around this woman is melting. I’m not sure when the commercial was made, I couldn’t find the date, but something makes me think it was at least a few years ago. The “melting” looks OK but doesn’t look perfect. And you would expect some things to burst into flames instead of melting. I guess I need to suspend reality while watching this one. Also, not all commercials are made where they are shown, and this one doesn’t seem very French to me. It seems like it caters more to Americans of people from South America and Mexico. I’m trying to think what this ad reminds me of, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.


Y&R – Chicago – Claymation

Personally, I like claymation. I think it’s something new to look at and its refreshing and simple. The special that is trying to advertise is clearly explained and they use good visuals to help out too. It certainly doesn’t challenge the viewer, but its nice to see someone do something different in the basics arena every now and then, even if it is simple.


JWT – Japan
Haagen-Daz – “Dye Vibrantly”

Haagen Daz is probably considered the most popular entry level premium ice cream. People are paying extra money for Haagen-Daz and you want them to get what they pay for. This commercial does exactly that. It reaffirms that when you are eating Haagen-Daz ice cream you are indulging – experiencing something luxurious. I think this commercial brings up the very important aspect of branding. You need to keep your brand fresh but also stay true to who you are. This is a modern ad but certainly in keeping with Haagen-Daz’s heritage of being a premium ice cream brand. This is a brand where careful planning and research goes into how this brand is currently perceived and how it will be perceived after the ad is viewed.


E*Trade – Babies

I am sooo sick of these ads. But, apparently everyone else isn’t. I was sitting on the couch with my Dad and some other family members watching TV recently, and this ad came on and as I rolled my eyes, the people around me were rolling with laughter. I guess to some this idea hasn’t lost its appeal. It was definitely funny to me when it first came out, but I’m tired. It’s effective in saying the same thing Geico says, “so easy a caveman can do it”.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


GSD&M Idea City

GSD&M – Austin
BMW 3 Series – Glass Road

I saw how they made this film in a multi-page article in BMW magazine. When I read it, I was absolutely blown away. They filmed it in a giant white bubble in a massive hanger. It was lit from all sides and the vehicle was suspended in air so that they could move the camera under it at any moment. The details were astonishing. However, when I see the ad, it doesn’t look like it took near that much work. It looks cool, and clean, but not groundbreaking. It looks like it could be real, could be CGI. I’m usually a big fan of BMW ads and this one isn’t bad but for all the money and time, I think it was a waste of resources. Maybe I just don’t know enough about production to understand why this was new and remarkable.

Dieste Harmel & Partners

Dieste – Dallas
Gatorade – Skyscraper

Even though Gatorade has been doing the commercials with the colored sweat for awhile now, I’m fine with it. I think it’s pretty cool, and reminds you why you need to drink Gatorade while you’re playing sports. This ad was shot on top of a 54 story building in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil. If the game itself weren’t interesting enough, the grass starts to grow from the cement as they move too. It’s not great but I think it’s perfect for Gatorade.


Latin Works
Stubbs BBQ – Cow

This commercial shares a lot of elements that are pretty common right now in commercials and other media. Maybe I’ll call it the “Napoleon Dynamite Effect”. Awkward kids in awkward scenes doing awkward stuff. It is still pretty funny though. I like how the kid looks back at the cow multiple times before he makes his final decision. I also like how at the end you are surprised by the product, but then it all makes sense. I’m ok with not knowing what the product is until the end as long as it pulls everything together.

Martin | Williams

Martin Williams
H1N1 Flu viral video – Fire the Flu

I think it’s really cool that Martin Williams decided to make this video. People respond to visuals and especially videos. I think, however, that this video is a little stale. I think they were trying to be witty and get there point across at the same time, but I was absolutely bored. The illustrations are good, if not a little purposefully nostalgic, but they aren’t very entertaining. They made what could have been fun and funny and viral, into a 4 minute PSA.

Thursday, August 27, 2009



Snickers – Tag
BBDO Moscow – Produced by Spy Films

This commercial is cool because it uses lots of cinematic elements while mixing CG with live action. For example, they play with rack focus to make your eyes focus on certain things in view. The commercial is visually stunning and the graphics are great. It reinforces their slogan to take a break with Snickers and that’s all they basically need to do. Snickers, I would presume, has pretty high brand awareness already.


Citysearch - FOMO
DDB Melbourne
I chose to talk about this commercial because I think it is a good example of an ad agency following instead of leading. They use white lines and dinging noises as well as a monotone voice and teaching like tone. I find it very similar to ads for Orbit and recent ones for Bud Light. It’s interesting to watch and definitely gets the point across but there’s nothing exciting about it at all.


Luna/TBWA – Belgrade, Serbia
Montenegro tourism

I found this ad enticing first of all because I interned for the department of tourism for Mississippi in high school. Ever since then I am more aware when I watch ads that are advertising places rather than things. We’ve seen Vegas, Colorado, Cancun, and lately even Puerto Rico. Some are funny and some are serious, but this ad is breathtaking. It’s selling a lifestyle and an experience while also showing you all the things you can experience in Montenegro. Also, the music slowly builds which draws you in and keeps you excited. The only thing that I wasn’t a fan of is at the very end when the lady goes from being in a red dress to being in underwear. I thought that I was a little lame to be so sexual near the end when it had been so classy before.

Goodby Silverstein

Goodby Silverstein & Partners – San Fran
HP Touchsmart PC – Maestro

This commercial reminds me of the commercial for the Honda Asimo robot that was done by Wieden + Kennedy. It’s extremely engaging and sublime. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and wanted to learn more. Both commercials show product features without telling you how they work or how to use them. They give you just enough information and then encourage you to visit their website to learn more. I think it’s the perfect balance of information because only certain consumers are interested in the details but all are ready to be amazed and surprised.

180 Amsterdam/ 180 LA

180 Amsterdam
Adidas – Pedator_X
Wow I’m in shock! This is almost identical to the McDonalds ad with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird where they compete against each other. The ONLY thing different in this ad for adidas is that the stadium collapses at the end. Despite this, the commercial is very monochromatically the same value which ads to the thrilling feel I think they are trying to create. It looks 99% CGI though, and although the dark lighting helps to hide this, its pretty obvious.